Maxwell's Books


I am a science fiction writer, with progressive, feminist themes, and diverse characters. I include a lot of social commentary, and I ask big questions. (You will soon be able to find more about my books, and get copies by following the links. Sorry for the delay on this.)

Stand-alone Novels:

and three series:

The Casitian Universe Series:

This series starts with the premise that a large group of human beings were stolen from Earth during the Neolithic period, enslaved by an alien race, finally freed, and given their own planet. They return to Earth a few thousand years later in the early 2010’s. Themes include culture clash, politics, spirituality, and the environment. And there are lots of surprises in store!

The Cassiopeia Chronicles:

This is a straight-up space opera set in our own solar system in the early 22nd Century, when being an asteroid hunter can be lucrative (with an emphasis on can) and Mars colonies are jostling for power. Oh, and, aliens. Themes include political intrigue, economics, spirituality, and first contact.

The House Trageri Saga

This blend of science fiction and fantasy takes place on Capella IV, a colony where some people, at least, have forgotten where they came from. Themes of gender and sexuality, family structure, political structures, and cultural differences are primary in this series.